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Truth & Grace

At Ebenezer, we deeply value the delicate balance of truth and grace. Grounded in biblical teachings, we recognize the importance of truth as a guiding principle, providing a foundation for faith and moral integrity. Simultaneously, we extend grace with open hearts, acknowledging our shared humanity and embracing compassion in our interactions. 


We value the biblical principle of tithing as a meaningful expression of our gratitude and commitment to God's work. Tithing is not merely a financial obligation but a joyful act of worship, enabling us to support the church's mission and outreach. Additionally, we value the spirit of generosity within our community, recognizing that giving to one another is a reflection of Christ's love. 


We hold a steadfast commitment to excellence in every facet of our church life. Inspired by the pursuit of God's best, we encourage our congregation to strive for excellence in their professional, personal and spiritual endeavors. We believe that excellence honors God and positively impacts the lives of those we serve. Whether in worship, community outreach or individual pursuits, we aim to uplift and empower our members, fostering a culture that values continuous improvement. 

Intergenerational Input

We place a high vale on intergenerational input, recognize the unique perspectives, wisdom and experiences each generation brings to our community. We believe that fostering meaningful connections across generations enriches our collective journey of faith. From the vibrant enthusiasm of the youth to seasoned wisdom of elders, we actively encourage an environment where diverse voices and contributions are celebrated. 

Spiritual & Mental Health

We prioritize the holistic well-being of our community, valuing both spiritual and mental health. Rooted in our faith, we understand that a healthy spiritual life contributes to overall flourishing. We provide support and encouragement for individuals on their spiritual journeys, fostering a deep connection with God. Simultaneously, we recognize the significance of mental health, acknowledging that emotional well-being is an integral part of one's overhall health.


At Ebenezer we celebrate the rich tapestry of culture, placing a special emphasis on honoring our African roots. We value diversity within our congregation, recognizing the unique contributions and heritage of our African brothers and sisters. Through vibrant cultural expressions, events and celebrations, we aim to uplift and unite our community, fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty and strength found in our shared African heritage.

9200 West Broadway Avenue Brooklyn Park Minnesota, 55445

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