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ECC Music

Immerse yourself in the harmonies of our Music Ministry, a dynamic ensemble where melodies meet meaning, and worship becomes a symphony of praise. From the soul-stirring voices of our choir and the uplifting energy of our praise team to the skillful artistry of our instrumentalists, we are a collective expression of devotion and musical excellence. Rooted in the belief that music is a powerful conduit for spiritual connection, we joyfully unite to lift hearts in worship, inviting all to join in the divine chorus that resonates with the spirit of praise and celebration

Our Mission

Our Music Ministry is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of worship that transcends melody, fostering a deep spiritual connection with God. Through the harmonies of our choir, the vibrant energy of our praise team, and the skillful artistry of our instrumentalists, we strive to inspire, uplift, and lead our congregation in authentic expressions of praise. Rooted in the transformative power of music, our mission is to facilitate encounters with the divine, guiding hearts into a meaningful worship experience that resonates with the joy, grace, and beauty of God's presence

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9200 West Broadway Avenue Brooklyn Park Minnesota 55445

Music Ministry Lead: Andrew Mayson


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9200 West Broadway Avenue Brooklyn Park Minnesota, 55445

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