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Each One-Bring-One Sunday

What is it?

"Each One Bring One Sunday" is a special day celebrated in many communities, churches, and organizations around the world. This event encourages individuals to reach out and invite someone new to join them in their faith community or organization. The concept is simple yet powerful: each person brings one new guest, friend, or family member to experience the warmth, fellowship, and spiritual nourishment of their community. "Each One Bring One Sunday" fosters a spirit of inclusivity, hospitality, and outreach, welcoming newcomers with open arms and providing them with an opportunity to connect with others and explore their faith in a supportive and uplifting environment. Through this initiative, communities come together to share their love, values, and beliefs, spreading joy and inspiration to all who participate. It's a day filled with camaraderie, generosity, and the joy of sharing the blessings of community with others.


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