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Why Fast?

Fasting holds a special significance in the life of every believer, serving as a powerful spiritual discipline that deepens our connection with God and strengthens our faith journey. Through fasting, we set aside physical nourishment to focus our hearts and minds on seeking God's presence, wisdom, and guidance. It is a time of self-denial and spiritual renewal, where we humble ourselves before the Lord and seek His will above our own desires. Fasting helps us to break free from worldly distractions, cleanse our hearts, and draw closer to God in prayer and devotion. As we abstain from food and other distractions, we open ourselves to receive greater spiritual insight, breakthroughs, and blessings from God. Therefore, let us embrace fasting as a sacred opportunity to grow in our relationship with God, experience His transforming power, and align our lives with His purposes.


Fasting At Ebenezer 

Ebenezer Community Church Invites all members to join in a Seven Day Fast and Prayer, starting at midnight Sunday February 25th, to Sunday morning March 3rd during our worship services. 

During this fast and prayer, we will praise God for the successful 24 days of consecreated, sacrificial and symbolic fast and prayer that took place in the beginning of the year, the marriage conference, and God's grace and blessings upon the ministries of Ebenezer over the years. We will continue to pray for ECC's vision for 2024, spiritual, numerical, and financial growth; evangelistic outreach, the church plans in St. Paul, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and groundwork in Kenya. We will continue to pray for our upcoming Youth Festival and Easter Celebration, and our Capital Campaign to pay down the church's mortgage. We will pray for open doors to nations represented in ECC. We will pray for revival in the USA, troubled parts of the world and peace in Jerusalem.

Schedule & Readings

Join us on our Prayer Line at 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM, & 10:00 PM each day! Contact us for more information on Joining the Prayer Line.

Monday, February 26

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 3:1-16

Tuesday, February 27

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 3:17-39

Wednesday, February 28

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 4:1-12

Thursday, February 29

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 5:1-12

Friday, March 1

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 5:13-25

Saturday, March 2

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 6:1-16

Sunday, March 3

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 6:17-23

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