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THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Embracing Light, Wisdom, and Grace

As we delve into these powerful passages from 1 John, Psalms, and Matthew, let's explore the themes of light, wisdom, and divine lineage. May this devotional guide you toward a deeper understanding of God's Word and its transformative impact on our lives.

1. 1 John 1 - Walking in the Light (Verses 1-10):

In 1 John, the author emphasizes the importance of walking in the light of God. As you read, reflect on the concept of fellowship with God and fellow believers. Consider moments when you've experienced God's forgiveness and how that shapes your relationships.

Guided Questions:

- How does the idea of walking in the light resonate with your personal faith journey?

- Reflect on the assurance of forgiveness mentioned in these verses. How does this impact your view of God's grace?

2. Psalm 1 - The Way of the Righteous:

Psalm 1 beautifully contrasts the ways of the righteous and the wicked. Dive into the imagery of a tree planted by streams of water. Consider your spiritual roots and the influence of God's Word on your life.

Guided Questions:

- What does it mean to meditate on God's law day and night, and how can this practice impact your daily life?

- Reflect on the imagery of a tree. How can you deepen your roots in God's Word for spiritual stability?

3. Matthew 1:1-17 - The Genealogy of Jesus:

Matthew opens with the genealogy of Jesus, emphasizing His lineage from Abraham to David. Explore the significance of Jesus' ancestry and how it connects to God's promises.

Guided Questions:

- Consider the inclusion of both well-known figures and lesser-known individuals in Jesus' genealogy. How does this reflect God's inclusive plan?

- Reflect on God's faithfulness throughout generations. How does Jesus' lineage bring meaning to your faith?


May your exploration of these passages deepen your connection with God and inspire a renewed commitment to walk in the light, meditate on His Word, and appreciate the divine lineage leading to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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