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THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: From Genesis to Psalms to Matthew: Threads of Faithful Stories

Scriptures: Genesis 4-5, Psalms 4, Matthew 2:13-23

Genesis 4-5:

1. Cain and Abel (Genesis 4):

a. How do Cain and Abel's offerings reflect their hearts, and what can we learn from God's response?

b. In God's conversation with Cain, what aspects of God's character and grace stand out?

c. Consider the consequences of Cain's actions. How does God's mercy intersect with justice?

2. Genealogy and Lifespans (Genesis 5):

a. Reflect on the genealogy of Adam's descendants. What patterns or insights emerge?

b. Explore the repeated phrase "and he died." What does it convey about the brevity and significance of life?

Psalms 4:

1. David's Trust in God (Psalm 4):

a. What circumstances does David face, and how does he turn to God in prayer?

b. Explore David's request for God's favor. How does he find joy and assurance in God?

c. Consider the themes of trust and righteousness in this psalm. How do they resonate with your own experiences?

Matthew 2:13-23:

1. Journey to Egypt and Nazareth (Matthew 2:13-23):

a. Reflect on the events surrounding the flight to Egypt and the return to Nazareth. How do these fulfill prophecies?

b. Explore Joseph's obedience and God's guidance in protecting Jesus. What does this reveal about God's faithfulness?

c. Consider the broader narrative of God's plan for salvation in these verses. How does Jesus' early life connect to the overall redemptive story?

As you dive into these passages, may you uncover the threads of faith, redemption, and trust that weave through the narratives from Genesis to Psalms to Matthew.

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