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THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: From Noah to Jesus: Trials, Trust, and Triumph

As we journey through the Scriptures from Genesis to Matthew, we encounter stories of trials, trust, and triumph. From the aftermath of the flood to the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, these passages reveal the faithfulness of God and the resilience of His people. Let's explore these passages together and discover the lessons they hold for our lives today.

Scripture Passage: Genesis 9:1 - Genesis 11:26

- In Genesis 9, we witness God's covenant with Noah and his descendants, promising never to destroy the earth with a flood again. Despite the devastation of the flood, God shows His faithfulness by preserving Noah and his family and giving them a new beginning.

- In Genesis 10, we read the genealogy of Noah's sons and the dispersion of humanity after the Tower of Babel. Despite their attempts to build a tower to heaven, humanity's pride leads to confusion and division. Yet, even in their rebellion, God's plan continues to unfold.

Guided Bible Study Questions:

1. Genesis 9:1-17:

- What does God promise Noah and his descendants in His covenant?

- How does God symbolize His covenant with Noah?

- What does this passage reveal about God's faithfulness and provision?

2. Genesis 10:1-32:

- What is the significance of the genealogy of Noah's sons?

- How does the dispersion of humanity at the Tower of Babel demonstrate the consequences of pride and rebellion?

- Despite humanity's disobedience, how does God continue to work out His plan?

Scripture Passage: Psalm 6

- In Psalm 6, we encounter David's plea for mercy and healing in the face of distress and anguish. Despite his suffering, David expresses confidence in God's steadfast love and salvation. His prayer serves as a reminder of the importance of turning to God in times of trouble.

Guided Bible Study Questions:

1. Psalm 6:1-7:

- What emotions does David express in this passage?

- How does David appeal to God for mercy and deliverance?

- In what ways does David demonstrate trust in God's character and promises?

2. Psalm 6:8-10:

- What is David's response to God's faithfulness and salvation?

- How does David's prayer for deliverance apply to our lives today?

- How can we cultivate a deeper trust in God, especially in times of difficulty?

Scripture Passage: Matthew 4:1-17

- In Matthew 4, we witness Jesus' temptation in the wilderness and the beginning of His ministry. Despite facing the temptations of the devil, Jesus remains faithful to God's word and emerges victorious. He then begins His ministry, preaching repentance and the kingdom of heaven.

Guided Bible Study Questions:

1. Matthew 4:1-11:

- What temptations does Jesus face in the wilderness?

- How does Jesus respond to each temptation?

- What do these temptations reveal about Jesus' identity and mission?

2. Matthew 4:12-17:

- How does Jesus' ministry begin after His temptation in the wilderness?

- What message does Jesus preach to the people of Galilee?

- How does Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of heaven offer hope and salvation to humanity?


As we reflect on these passages from Genesis to Matthew, we are reminded of God's faithfulness in the midst of trials and His provision for His people. From Noah to Jesus, we see the enduring promise of salvation and the invitation to trust in God's unfailing love. May we find encouragement and strength in these stories of faith and be inspired to walk in obedience and trust in our own lives.

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