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THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: In the Beginning: Creation, Adversity, and the Arrival of the King

Today's Readings: Genesis 1-3, Psalms 3, Matthew 2:1-12

Genesis 1-3:

Reflect on God's magnificent creation, the harmony disrupted by sin, and the promise of redemption. Consider how God's plan unfolded from the beginning.

Guided Bible Study:

1. Genesis 1:

- What aspects of God's creation stand out to you?

- How does recognizing God as the Creator influence your view of the world?

2. Genesis 2:

- Explore the intimate relationship between God and humanity in the garden.

- How does disobedience impact this relationship?

3. Genesis 3:

- Reflect on the consequences of Adam and Eve's disobedience.

- Consider the mercy and justice of God in response to sin.

4. Psalms 3:

- Connect David's experience of adversity with the fall in Genesis.

- How does David's trust in God's deliverance inspire you in challenging times?

5. Matthew 2:1-12:

- Explore the journey of the Magi and their worship of the newborn King.

- How does their response contrast with Herod's reaction?

Remember to conclude with prayer, expressing gratitude for God's creation, seeking strength in adversity, and acknowledging Jesus as the true King.

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