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THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Journey of Faith: From Abram to the Disciples

Passages: Genesis 11:26-13:18, Psalms 7, Matthew 14:18-25

In the passages from Genesis, Psalms, and Matthew, we encounter stories and reflections that speak to themes of faith, obedience, trust, and divine provision. From the call of Abram to the calling of the disciples by Jesus, these narratives invite us to examine our own journey of faith and commitment to following God's leading. As we delve into these passages, may we glean wisdom and inspiration for our own lives and walk with God.

Guided Bible Study:

Genesis 11:26-13:18

1. Abraham's Call and Journey:

- What do we learn about Abram's background and family in these passages?

- Reflect on God's call to Abram to leave his country, family, and father's household. What does this reveal about obedience and trust in God's leading?

2. The Promise of Blessing:

- Explore God's promise to Abram of making him into a great nation and blessing him. How does Abram respond to this promise?

- Consider the significance of God's covenant with Abram, including the promise of land and descendants. What does this reveal about God's faithfulness and provision?

3. Conflict and Resolution with Lot:

- Examine the conflict between Abram's herdsmen and Lot's herdsmen over grazing land. How does Abram handle this conflict, and what does it reveal about his character?

- Reflect on Abram's decision to give Lot first choice of the land. What does this demonstrate about humility and trust in God's provision?

Psalms 7

1. A Cry for Justice:

- Explore the context of Psalm 7, recognizing it as a prayer of David for deliverance from his enemies.

- Reflect on the imagery and language used by David to describe his situation and his plea for God's intervention.

2. God as Judge:

- Consider David's affirmation of God's role as a just judge. How does David express his confidence in God's righteousness and justice?

- Reflect on the assurance David finds in God's judgment and protection against the wicked.

Matthew 4:18-25

1. The Calling of the Disciples:

- Explore the accounts of Jesus calling Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him.

- Reflect on the immediate response of the disciples to Jesus' call. What does their willingness to leave everything behind teach us about discipleship and obedience?

2. Jesus' Ministry of Healing and Teaching:

- Examine Jesus' ministry of healing and teaching described in these passages.

- Reflect on the impact of Jesus' ministry on the crowds and communities he encountered. What does this reveal about the kingdom of God breaking into the world?

Application and Prayer:

As we reflect on these passages, may we be inspired by the faith and obedience of Abram, the trust and reliance of David, and the immediate response of the disciples to Jesus' call. May we also find encouragement in the assurance of God's faithfulness, justice, and provision. Let us respond to God's call on our lives with willing hearts, trusting in His guidance and provision each step of the way. Amen.

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